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Bre Kennedy - Clarity -

Singer, songwriter, and producer Bre Kennedy shares her new EP, Clarity, a collection of four vulnerable, intimate, and heartfelt tracks. Flipping through her journal, one word stared right back at Bre from various pages.Without realizing it, she had jotted down "Clarity" multiple times. Its meaning, i.e. "understanding," spoke volumes to how far she had come in a short time. She presents Clarity as a sonic reflection of her personal metamorphosis over the past year that has led her to a more clear and hopeful perspective."I sat down, and it was like getting rid of old clothes, stories, and expectations," shares Bre. "I've become a different version of myself. After the past two years, I feel super revitalized. This spring cleaning led to a metamorphosis. I'm starting to get clarity. It's ironic because when I wrote the music, I was begging for it! I've changed a lot, though. I'm getting to know the person I am now."

Bre Kennedy - Clarity -


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