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Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson

Granny 3 _HOT_

In this game you have to find a lot of keys to open the doors of the house and you have to collect the weapons to kill the ghosts who are trying to kill you and there is also a new introduction of Ghost who is the granddaughter of granny and grandpa so you have to be safe from them.

Granny 3

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Granny 3 Apk is a game that is full of scary and horrible scenes and their are three ghosts in this game that are trying to kill you grandpa granny and daughter and you have to make sure to dot make any noise otherwise they will find you and kill you so you have to play this game with a lot of Strategies and attention. you have to find the keys and solve the mysterious puzzles within the five days otherwise you will not be able to skip the house.

In this game you have to collect all the little weapons that you can find anywhere and you have two throw these weapons on the grandpa and granny to make them unconscious and conscious while playing the game and you have to find the shotgun and its bullets because in the graphics are so dark and it's so difficult to find the bullet. So you have to find a bullet and shoot the granny and grandpa.

While playing you have to avoid making noises because if you made any noise a grandpa and granny will detect you and find you not I am and you will be killed by them and then you have to start your game from the start. 041b061a72




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