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Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson

Watch GR Creed (2015)

A.V. Wire's Herman Dhaliwal gave the film a very positive review, writing, "I will say the film was everything I could have ever wanted and then some. It's a film that could have gone so wrong in so many ways so easily, but the results show something that is genuine and inspired. It takes the smartest possible routes with the story it wants to tell and delivers in basically every way it needed to. Ryan Coogler cements himself as one of the best rising filmmakers working today, as he crafts an emotional, funny, compelling and uplifting film that is full of strong performances."[41] Andrew Barker of Variety stated that the film lives up to the expectation of its predecessors, while forging its own unique path. He also appreciated the performances of Stallone and Jordan, saying that Stallone deserved credit for taking a chance on young director Coogler, and that his trust had paid off. He concluded that the director "offered a smart, kinetic, exhilaratingly well-crafted piece of mainstream filmmaking".[42] IGN reviewer John Lasser gave the film an 8.5 out of 10, saying, "Creed is a mirror of Rocky's story and we have all been watching that unfold on the big screen for decades. Coogler's film does nothing to break the mold. Rather, it shows that the mold exists for a reason. Jordan delivers a knockout performance, and Stallone does as well. In the end, we can all only hope that we'll get to see Adonis on screen for just as long as we've seen Rocky."[43]

Watch GR Creed (2015)

The Assassin's Creed movie introduced the modern-day Callum Lynch and the assassin Aguilar de Nerha. The story began with Callum watching his father kill his mother and get taken by Abstergo. Years later, Callum is on death row but Abstergo steps in and fakes his death. The company brings him to a research facility in Madrid, and he is recruited by the Templars to help them track down an Apple of Eden, the typical Assassin's Creed story. He is then introduced to the Animus and begins to observe the memories of his ancestor Aguilar during the Spanish Inquisition.

An Assassin's Creed game that follows Aguilar has so much story potential. Aguilar only plays a minor role in the film's plot, which leaves a lot of space for Ubisoft to craft a brand-new story of its own. It could recap the events of the film with more of a focus on Aguilar, or it could continue his tale and watch him rise to prominence during the 15th century. This would make the film feel worth the watch, and would make the world building in the film feel like it was not a waste.

"I thought this way about Tessa, I felt this way about Jonathan, and I talk about authorship. They're acting now, but I could see a world where it's 'Directed by Tessa Thompson' or 'Directed by Jonathan Majors.' As a filmmaker, I get excited about these movies because I want to watch them."

"My stepdad, Joe, was locked up for 15 years before he got with my mom and raised me. There was the ankle monitor situation, the parole officer and I was the kid trying to make sure Dad got home on time before the PO got to the crib. I watched that happen," the actor revealed.

"He tried out for the Dallas Cowboys and almost made it. He was in the second round. I watched that aspiration and that hustle. I watched that dream that he had, so there's a big part about that big, hard shell and that young boy who aspired to be more free."

"As far as other inspirations, it was watching all the Rocky films. It was very clear to me that the really important thing was who Adonis was in this third installment, how to antagonize this character, and how to help him continue his hero's journey. Dame lives and dies on his relationship with Adonis Creed. Everything else is set decoration."

We like to help you find new movies to watch, and often we pick the best HBO Max movies either by group consensus or by their Rotten Tomatoes scores. Sometimes, though, when we see a new list of movies that come out, we like to curate a list with a more personal touch.

These movies include a phenomenal and touching directorial debut, a gripping sports movie and a trio of comedies filled with laughs Each, in its own right, is a contender for your next movie night (even if you don't watch them all).

And, honestly, if you don't want to watch I Love You, Man off of the above description, I'm assuming you haven't seen enough of either Rudd or Segel's best work. Both play their characters in a casual, effortless way where they seem to instinctually know the roles.

If it weren't for HBO Max, I would have to pay to watch the first movie I ever loved: Wayne's World (my VHS copy is worthless). While it's not the first movie based on an SNL skit, Wayne's World was the first comedy movie I couldn't stop watching (I'm shocked that my tape didn't get unspooled).

"When I watched that film -- and I knew that there was a young Black director directing it and I was looking at Mike -- I was so inspired to grow my spirit and my body ... to be worthy, you know? To say, 'That's right, we can do that.'"

Three years later, its sequel made Majors want to inspire others as well. "Then 'Creed II' comes: another young Black director [Steven Caple Jr.] and again, Mike. I grabbed my entire mentee team at the Yale school of drama -- maybe seven or eight, nine young Black boys -- and we all sit into our local theater in New Haven and watch. So the impact of Creed II is the community, all of us holding each other responsible. ... I can do this. It clearly can be done."

"You're talking about American mythology," Coogler says. "For me, when somebody says Rocky, I just think about my dad and my brothers and my mom sitting on the couch watching the movies -- and my dad crying at some of the scenes. My dad was a hard man, but for whatever reason these movies would bring water out of his eyes, you know?"

What can we say about acclaimed Japanese drama Drive My Car? Well, it snagged an Oscar for best international feature film at the 2022 Academy Awards. It's also a three-hour movie that people are sitting and watching all the way through, which, to me, speaks volumes. But seriously, Drive My Car is a powerful film that explores loss and letting go. If you missed it before the Oscars, stream it now.

The Last Duel notably didn't win a lot of eyeballs when it debuted in theaters in October. But it's on HBO Max now, where audiences can watch from the comfort of their couch as Adam Driver and Matt Damon battle it out. Directed by Ridley Scott, The Last Duel is a historical drama set in the Middle Ages with an A-list cast that also includes Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck. If any of these details pique your interest, and you're prepared to sit through its two and half hour runtime, pull out some popcorn and put on this flick.

A playful comedy set in the '80s, 8-bit Christmas follows the story of a young Jake Doyle, a dedicated 10-year-old who desperately seeks a Nintendo. The film is delightfully narrated by Neil Patrick Harris, an older Jake reminiscing on his past quest to secure the gaming console. Yes, there's a Christmas backdrop to the story, but Jake's unyielding commitment to his mission, and what he learns along the way, make this cheery feature a must-watch even after the holiday season.

Of course, you'd imagine that he would still take the trip to LA to watch his former protégé make his high-profile return to the ring to take on Dame Anderson, but there are any number of reasons he might not have been able to make it, and this allows the film to be more focused on the dynamic between Rocky and Dame.

Robert "Rocky" Balboa, Sr197620062018Biographical InformationNickname(s)The Italian StallionThe Pride of PhiladelphiaRocko StallionRockBorn6 July 1946 (1946-07-06) (age 76)[1]NationalityAmericanResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.OccupationProfessional Boxer (1960s - 1986, 2006)Boxing Trainer (1986 -1990, trained Tommy Gunn in Rocky V) (2015- Present, trained Adonis Creed in Creed & Creed II) Owner of Mighty Mick's Gym (1986-Present)Restaurant owner, (Adrian's, 1995-present)Physical DescriptionGenderMaleHeight5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)Weight185 pounds (84 kg)Eye colourBrownHair colourBlackGray (As of Creed)

The two boxers continue to hit each other over the next dozen rounds, with Rocky holding his ground despite Drago's powerful punches. However it was clear the difference in punching power, for it was Rocky's endurance, as Drago knocked Rocky down several times, whilst he never scored a single one. Rocky was also rocked and socked around the ring like a ragdoll. But every time he was thrashed around, Rocky bounced back up or kept on coming after Drago, no matter how badly the Russian beat him senseless. In round 9, Drago punched Rocky down so hard his bite guard was knocked out of his mouth, and he got up only to be swiftly knocked down again. Rocky rallied with a good shot or two to Drago's face when he could manage, and pinned Drago against the ropes several times and landed vicious blows the mans torso and ribs. Drago soon became uneasy as he was very shocked at just how much his opponent kept on going. His resilience rallies the previously hostile Soviet crowd to his side, which unsettles Drago to the point that he shoves Koloff off the ring for berating his performance. Rocky finally takes out Drago in the 15th and last round, winning by knockout to the shock of the Soviet Politburo members watching the fight.

The more Tommy fought, the more he became famous, but all for the wrong reasons. If the media referred to Tommy, it was indirectly through Rocky (i.e. "Rocky's Gunn aims at the title!"), and Tommy became frustrated for being trapped in Rocky's shadow. George Washington Duke tempted him with promises of fame and riches, and Tommy aligned himself with him instead of Rocky. Tommy dumped Rocky as his manager for Duke. He was also given a chance at the title, something he wanted very eagerly. During the match between Union Cane and Tommy, Rocky watched the match through television rather excitedly, cheering him on and even punching his punching bag in symmetry with Tommy's punches. 041b061a72




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