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Biker BoyzMovie | 2003 [WORK]

Biker Boyz is a 2003 American sports action drama film, directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood and written by Bythewood and Craig Fernandez, based on the 2000 New Times LA article of the same name by Michael Gougis. The film is about a group of underground motorcycle drag racers, and the intense rivalry between a legendary motorcyclist and a young racing prodigy who has formed his own biker club.

Biker BoyzMovie | 2003

Six months later, Kid is now a capable rider with his own custom-powered bike. Winning his first "race" by dangerously interfering in a challenge between a drunken biker and biker Donny, Kid displays his speed and skill, successfully pulling off stunts hinted at earlier. The crowd loves it, much to the dissatisfaction of Smoke. Kid calls Smoke out to challenge but the latter dismisses this and tells the inexperienced youth to get more experience and clout first.

Kid makes amends to the biker jury consisting of 10 leaders of the most powerful biker gangs. He apologizes for his disrespect, specifically towards their chairman - Smoke and they agree to verify the new club with the trio calling themselves "Biker Boyz". At a local fund raising event, the trio becomes a quintet. Smoke courts an old flame and later, is challenged by leader of the Strays and long-time rival Dogg, and the two wager thousands, their lids (helmets) and the title.

The Biker Boyz get their own hangout and begin hustling several races, but when Stuntman successfully hustles the nephew of a dangerous biker, he and Primo are ambushed at a party. Kid comes to the rescue but is quickly overpowered by the leader of the other club who pulls a gun. Smoke and a group of Black Knights intervene to settle terms and convince the vengeful bikers to stand down. Smoke and Kid have a sit down at the Biker Boyz spot but Kid is more dismissive and angry as ever. Aggravated, Smoke finally agrees to race Kid, under the condition that whoever loses will never race again; but first Smoke has to allow Kid to race Dogg at the next circuit event. Soon thereafter Kid reconciles with Anita.

Laurence Fishburne, Derek Luke, Orlando Jones, Djimon Hounsou, Nicholas Sheriff, Lisa Bonet, Brendan Fehr, Larenz Tate, Terrence Howard, Salli Richardson, Kid Rock, Rick Gonzalez, Meagan Good are all avid bikers in real life.[3]

This is the third film I've seen Derek Luke in, after "Antwone Fisher" and the Sundance 2003 hit "Pieces of April." It's his least significant role, and yet confirms his presence: He's a rising star, all right, with a particular way of holding back, as if sizing up a situation to find the best entry point. Like Denzel Washington, who cast him as Antwone, he'll spend most of his career playing nice guys. (Does he have a "Training Day" in him? I can't tell from here.) Laurence Fishburne is a strong presence in the central role, but the character isn't very interesting; he's good at racing, he's not a bad man, he has few complexities. Vanessa Bell Calloway, a crucial woman in both men's lives, has a kind of sultry power that suggests if she ever got in a bike, she'd have all the helmets.

Parents need to know that characters drink, smoke, and use strong language. There are sexual references and situations. There is some sexual humor and there are references to promiscuity and issues of paternity (with a traumatic discovery), but the relationship of the main characters is loving and devoted. Characters are in peril and there is serious injury and one death. Characters also "hustle" by pretending not to be able to race and betting a lot of money. While most characters are African-American, the gangs are open to all races, and Jaleel's group has white, Hispanic, and Asian members. Characters get tattooed. The bikers engage in racing that is not just very dangerous but also illegal, and at one point some are arrested.

Jaleel (Derek Luke) adores his father Will (Eriq La Salle), the mechanic and best friend of the "King of Cali," Smoke (Laurence Fishburne), the fastest biker in California. When Will is killed while standing on the sidelines of a race, Jaleel is devastated and blames Smoke. He stays away for six months and then shows up, bitterly angry and bursting to take Smoke down. But Jaleel has to earn the right to race Smoke, first by joining a gang and then by winning some races. Each confrontation moves the story forward until the big moment when Jaleel and Smoke, more alike and more connected than they realized, challenge each other to do what Will always said, "Burn rubber, not soul."

Families can talk about how the biker culture is like and not like other cultures they know. What are the rules? How is status determined? How does that compare to groups in school? In sports? Or show business? What do you think about Smoke's decision in the last race? Why does Jaleel say what he does about the helmet?

Laurence Fishburne, an avid biker in real life, commented in a post-film interview that he consider the predominantly yellow jackets and "Biker Boyz" name a biker club "only a pansy would join... I mean, you must be seriously questioning your masculinity". Instead, Fishburne recommended to director Bythewood the name "Biker Dudez".

One could argue that Triple H has had one of the best looks in WWE over the years. Someone with the "Conan the Barbarian" look and physically-imposing body, throughout his WWE tenure Triple H's gritty image helped him be taken seriously as a main-event World Champion. However, even someone like him has had setbacks regarding his appearance, with one example during his "Reign of Terror" run on the Raw brand, where he wore biker shorts for a short period. As some fans who grew up around the Ruthless Aggression Era may remember the times Triple H rocked biker shorts, it begs the question as to what caused his new sudden change of attire for a short period.

When Triple H's "Reign of Terror" began, it's worth noting the noticeable changes to his look even before taking up the biker shorts in late 2003. For instance, starting from his Unsanctioned Street Fight match with Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam 2002, Triple H shaved his facial hair and wrestled without it for almost two years. However, almost throughout his entire "Reign of Terror" run, Triple H wore his usual trunks as his attire.

While Triple H usually appeared in his regular trunks during his "Reign of Terror" years, many may remember the short period when he wore biker shorts with his logo on the back. In late 2003, Triple H's biker shorts were around for a couple of months until the end of the yera, as this was around the time he feuded with Bill Goldberg for the World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H's new look debuted on TV when he defended the World Heavyweight Championship during the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam 2003.

Some of the most noted matches that featured him with the biker shorts were his World Heavyweight Championship matches against Bill Goldberg, especially at Unforgiven 2003 when he lost the belt to him. Considering that Triple H hardly ever wore anything other than his usual trunks since his main-event push in late 1999, Triple H appearing biker shorts may seem odd to some fans.

In 2003, Triple H suffered a groin injury during a match with Bill Goldberg, having to go the extra mile to recover while continuing to wrestle for the rest of the year. Instead of taking time off, Triple H had specially-made ring gear to help him recover from his groin tear, thus debuting the biker shorts. confirmed in an article why Triple H went that route with his biker shorts while citing the unusual nature of wearing such an overwhelmingly different attire. As the memory of Triple H's biker shorts became a topic on social media in late 2016, covered the story by explaining the backstory of it. staff also noted in that article that multiple people were helping Triple H get into the biker shorts, as these weren't just regular shorts that could get easily adjusted.

Related: The History Of Triple H's Pedigree Finisher, ExplainedThe biker shorts didn't last very long, as the attire disappeared before the year ended. Much like The Rock's tracksuit attire from early 1999, Triple H's bike shorts helped him continue to be a presence on Monday Night Raw as he still chased after the World Heavyweight Championship. After returning to his usual trunks, he won the World Heavyweight Championship for the third time at the Armogeddon 2003 PPV soon after.

The Honda CBR300R is a fully faired sportbike, a smaller sibling to the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR, popular staples in the sportbike world since 2003. With its 2015 model-year introduction, the CBR300R replaced its smaller predecessor, the CBR250R, which was introduced for 2011.

Overall, the Gemini 900 is arguably the best value for your freeriding dollars. Combined with a huge dealer network and great warranty policies, the Gemini 900 is one of the most capable freeride bikes for 2003.

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IMS oversized tank with a quick dump system, Scotts Stabilizer, Zip Ty Racing exhaust, Zip Ty Oversized front brake, Race Tech Suspension, Zip Ty Shark Fin, Zip Ty Chain Adjusters, Acerbis hand guards, Uni Air Filter and some aluminum protection items were the bare necessities for a factory level off-road race machine in 2003.

February 27, 2003-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced a model change for its XR250 off-road sport bike, which combines an easy-to-manage air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder 250cc engine with outstanding comfort and driving performance, both on and off the road. The bike, which is also available with new XR BAJA coloring, will go on sale Friday, February 28th. The XR250 / XR BAJA off-road sports bike is the product of technology cultivated in some of the world's most demanding rallies and races. In recent years, the XR250 has earned a loyal following among off-road riders and on-road riders (who ride the bike mainly in urban settings) alike. The new XR250 features an all-new dynamic design based on a Motocross image, with a new tank and tank shroud. Improvements to driving performance include a new, inverted front fork for enhanced handling stability. The front and rear fenders and seat have also been re-formed, creating an aggressive design from front to rear. The XR BAJA inherits the same basic performance and accessories as the previous model, but with an all-new color scheme, for a visual appeal that will set it apart on the touring scene and on the city streets. 041b061a72




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