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Portal 2 Free Download PC Game in Direct Link and Torrent. Released on April 19, 2011, Portal 2 is an action 3D platformer puzzle game. Portal 2 download free full version pc with pre-installed crack.

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Famously, Valve initially planned to release a Portal prequel without portals, an experiment called F-Stop that used an in-game camera mechanic called Aperture Camera. Eventually, the project was canned in favour of Portal 2. It seems rather fitting, therefore, that there's a speedrunning community still committed to completing the game's levels without them. I guess we've come full circle.

If we can give players one piece of advice, we'll pass along what Erik Wolpaw told us: Take your time; explore and listen. Just because the game is waiting for you to do something doesn't mean you should. Think you can sneak behind that plate? Try it. Think you can fire a portal behind that crack in the wall? Go for it.

Portal 2 is a sci-fi puzzle adventure game made by Valve. The project offers both a single player mode and cooperative mode for playing with friends. Both here and there you will be tested for reaction speed, brain activity and many other components necessary to overcome the many levels created by an annoying robot named Gladys. The latter is programmed for eternity to test the portal gun with the help of humans or robots.

Valve have talked a few times in the past about how Portal 2 almost didn't feature portals at all. The game was also due not to feature Chell, nor GlaDOS. Which to hear sounds just completely insane. That's partly because it is. But it's interesting to realise how Valve reached that place.

As the sequences went through major changes, each new build still featured stairs just so they could keep the gag. And in fact, when you play the game, in which you'll notice you can't drop Wheatley, those stairs still exist. And why can't you drop him? Because yet again they realised that no one other than them actually cared. If players didn't know dropping him was an option, nor that doing so would offer a fun joke, they didn't care at all. However, something that people probably would miss if only they'd known they could have it was Wheatley's original way of appearing. In an early version, the not-so-bright orb had set up a series of intricate turret-based defenses, all focused on one door in front of him, meaning the player needed only portal in behind him to pick him up. And at this point, the dimbo was being voiced by one of Valve's own team, temporarily before Stephen Merchant's dialogue was recorded - something that Valve still receive requests to put back into the game for players to hear. They promised they never would.

A scene was going to have a crack in the ceiling, through which the moon was visible. A player