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George Markov
George Markov

Hysteria Project PSN High Quality

Upon completing the game, the player is given access to a "secret file" which reveals some of the backstory. The file is in the form of a series of police reports from the desk of Sgt. Coyle. The reports detail how an eminent scientist, Professor Gustavo Ortega, has gone missing whilst sailing on his yacht. Evidence seemed to suggest a pirate raid, but no ransom demand was ever issued. Ortega was a world expert in artificial intelligence and nanotechnology and was head of a mysterious research project known only as "Project H", which seemed to have unlimited funding from the board of directors of Ortega's firm, NanoPharma. The only person he allowed work with him on the project was Professor Lisa Spencer, who was killed in a mysterious car accident several days after the disappearance of Ortega. However, her body was so badly burned that she could only be identified by some objects of jewellery she was wearing. The reports also reveal that following the explosion in the woods, several reports were made to police by people who had heard the noise and seen the strange black smoke. Coyle went to investigate the area and discovered the body of a man with a H tattooed on his arm who had died of a heart attack. A post-mortem revealed that some time prior to his death, the man had been tied up. In his pocket was a photograph of Ortega and Spencer, whom Coyle is convinced are still alive, with the incident in the woods connected to Project H. An extract from Ortega's journal also reveals that injecting newly developed nanomachines into a mouse resulted in enhanced senses, but led to the mouse becoming uncontrollably aggressive, and eventually dying of a heart attack.

Hysteria Project PSN

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This is the most amazing Kickstarter project ever. No words are needed to describe the awesome. For more details, and to sign up for the (ALREADY FUNDED!) Kickstarter, check out the Bunch O Balloons campaign page here.

However I am reminded of a stranger and exciting time in the not too distant past. A time when widespread personal access to the internet gave us new freedoms while at the same time opening our eyes to the possibility of technological calamities we couldn't fathom decades ago. We can loosely dub this period of hysteria the Y2K era, 1995-2003. 041b061a72




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