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George Markov
George Markov

Where To Buy Bottle Pourers

Nearly all pour spouts have some type of flexible fin system that adapts to fit different bottle neck diameters. Pour spout designs need to accommodate a wide variety of bottle neck sizes on the market.

where to buy bottle pourers

By nature, pour spouts must have some type of air tube system that exchanges liquid for air when a liquid is being poured. An air hole sits on the outside of the spout to take in the air. When you pour a liquid, the gurgling sound that you hear is this exchange of liquid for air. This system plays a huge part in preventing leakage and maintaining air circulation inside and outside the bottle. If this hole is blocked, the flow of the liquor becomes slower.

Measured pourers are engineered with a mechanical ball-bearing system to control consistency, prevent over-pouring and keep bartenders honest. These pourers work like a valve: they open to allow a certain amount of alcohol to pass through based on their set capacity and then they shut off to prevent over-pouring. Measured pourers are popular in ultra-high-volume venues (think nightclubs and sports stadiums) where consistent pouring and profit margins are vital.

The design had good intentions; it has its limitations though. Bartenders can overcome the limit by simply turning over the bottle again to make a stronger drink, leading to both things that the design was trying to achieve. One of the current trends in bartending is craft cocktails, in which bartenders need more flexibility with each pour due to recipes calling for as little as oz of a liquor. So a measured pourer is basically useless in a craft bar environment, which is in virtually all bars now.

That being said, our adaptable fin system was developed by seasoned bartenders to create the most ubiquitous design on the market. We worked with hundreds of different bottleneck sizes to determine the most universal dimensions for the Pour Boy Pour Spout. The Pour Boy Pour Spout works in most standard liquor bottles and fits more bottle sizes than any of our competitors.

Turns out the best olive oil pourer doesn't have to be expensive; we love the HIC Natural Cork Pourer (for wine bottles) and the Tablecraft Hinged Flip Top Pourer. We also recently tested olive oil dispensers, for those that wanted an all-in-one storage and pouring system.

Shop our supply of free-flow bottle pourers, cap covers, and even measured liquid bottle pourers that ensure a set amount each pour. Measured Liquid Bottle Pourers come in 7/8 oz, 1 oz, and 1 1/2 oz measurements to help control inventory.

These modern bottle pourers are perfect for customizing your home bar, or for using on olive oil and vinegars, dish soap, syrups, and other liquids. Fitted with a rubber cork to secure snugly in the bottles.

Pour with flair!Professional bartenders always use a pour spout to control the flow when making cocktails and dispensing shots. This collection of animal head pour spouts come in the form of hunter's trophies. Stick a stag's head in your Jägermeister or a bull in your balsamic or a rhino in your extra virgin. Liquid flows smoothly through the mouth and the clever design allows air to flow back into the bottle through the animals nostrils.

Stick a deer's head in your vermouth or a bull in your balsamic or a rhino in your olive oil. Liquid flows smoothly through the mouth and the clever design allows air to flow back into the bottle through the animals nostrils. Professional bartenders always use a pour spout to control the flow when making cocktails and dispensing shots and now you can too.

Made from an original hand-sculpted design and forged from high grade 18/8 stainless steel, this unique pourer-aerator combines quality, functionality, durability, and style. Designed primarily for wine, these pourers work with other pouring spirits and olive oil/Grapeseed oil.

THESE STAINLESS STEEL POURERS SERVES MULTIPLE PURPOSES- While these pourers usually are to find at bars in standard sized spirits bottles such as tequila, whiskey, vodka, gin, bourbon and rum up to 1l. They can also be found in the kitchen to help ease the pouring of syrup, vinegar, olive oil and salad dressings from various bottles. Some customers even use these pourers as a replacement for the soap dispenser. The possibilities are limitless.

Aside from practice and experience, one thing that can make the bartender's job easier is an excellent set of liquor pourers. A great liquor pourer can help any bartender pour liquor at a high level of quality and consistency.

Essentially, a liquor bottle pourer is a fitted bottle spout that fits into the mouth of liquor bottles. Bottle pourers end in narrow spouts that help pour out liquor easily into shot glasses or directly into mixed drinks. There are two types of liquor pourers based on the material that they are made of: plastic pour spouts, some of which are disposable or designed to be thrown away after several uses; and metal pour spouts, which are designed for greater durability.

Speed pourers are extremely convenient, but it's not good to store a bottle for a long time with the speed pourer alone. Even bartenders debate about whether or not to remove pourers at the end of the night. The reason is that nearly every type of pourer will let some air into the bottle and reduce the liquor's shelf life. Oxidation may occur, and liquor will evaporate slowly over time. If exposed to excess heat and light, there may also be some loss in flavor. Caps are available that will cover some pourers, and a few pourers have the ability to twist close. Otherwise, it's best to remove the pourer and close the bottle with the original cap. 041b061a72




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