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Aaya Kalaigal 64: The Ancient Arts of Tamils

Aaya Kalaigal 64: The Ancient Arts of Tamils

Aaya Kalaigal 64 is a term that refers to the 64 traditional arts or skills that were practiced by the ancient Tamils. These arts cover various aspects of life, such as literature, music, dance, medicine, astrology, martial arts, magic, and more. The term Aaya Kalaigal 64 is derived from the Tamil word Aaya, which means a teacher or a master, and Kalaigal, which means arts or skills. The ancient Tamils believed that mastering these arts would make them brave, wise, and virtuous.

Aaya Kalaigal 64 In Tamil Pdf Books

The origin of Aaya Kalaigal 64 is not clear, but some sources suggest that they were derived from the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hinduism. Some of these arts are also mentioned in the Sangam literature, the oldest surviving Tamil literature that dates back to the 3rd century BCE to the 3rd century CE. The Sangam literature also praises the Tamils for their excellence in these arts and their contribution to the culture and civilization of India and beyond.

The list of Aaya Kalaigal 64 varies according to different sources, but one of the most common lists is as follows:

  • Alphabetical grammar (Akshara Ilakkana)

  • Writing (Lipita)

  • Mathematics (Kanita)

  • Secret doctrine (Veda)

  • Ancient lore (Purana)

  • Linguistic grammar (Vyakarana)

  • Moral science (Naya Nool)

  • Astrology (Kaniyam)

  • Religious science (Ara Nool)

  • Yoga science (Oga Nool)

  • Mantra science (Mantra Nool)

  • Omen science (Nimittika Nool)

  • Sculpture science (Kammia Nool)

  • Medical science (Maruthuva Nool)

  • Anatomy science (Uruppa Maiyvu Nool)

  • Memory power (Maravana Ppu)

  • Forest knowledge (Vana Ppu)

  • Jewelry making (Ani Nool)

  • Sweet speech (Madura Mozhi Vu)

  • Drama (Nataka)

  • Dance (Nata)

  • Sound technology (Satta Pirama)

  • Harp (Yazh)

  • Flute (Kuzhal)

  • Drum (Mathangam)

  • Cymbals (Thalam)

  • Selling skills (Virpa Yirchchi)

  • Gold testing (Kanaka Pareetchai)

  • Chariot driving (Ratha Pareetchai)

  • Elephant riding (Kasa Pareetchai)

  • Horse riding (Asuva Pareetchai)

  • Gem testing (Rathina Pareetchai)

  • Soil testing (Nilathu Nool/Manniyal)

  • Military training (Sangramavilakkana)

  • Wrestling (Malla Yutha)

  • Lovemaking (Akaruta Na)

  • Racing (Ucha Ata Na)

  • Friendship breaking (Vithu Veta Na)

  • Love science (Mathana Sathira)

  • Alluring science (Mokana Sathira)

  • Hypnotism (Vasiyam/Vaseekarana Sathira)

  • Alchemy science (Italiya Sathira/Rasavatha Sathira


The remaining 24 arts are related to magic and supernatural powers, such as:

  • Musical training (Kantharuva Vatha Sathira) - The ability to produce melodious sounds from any object.

Animal language training (Paipil Vatha Sathira) - The ability 0efd9a6b88



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