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George Markov

Rainbow Playset Assembly Instructions

Carnival Castle Assembly Instructions 5-70-0244 (Rev 2 - 2.3.11) Contains Assembly, Use, and Maintenance Instructions NOTICE: This product is intended for outdoor family domestic use only with children ages 3 to 12. This product is not suitable for children under 36 months. ! WARNING: This owner's manual contains important information about how to assemble, locate, use, and maintain this playground equipment. Read this manual before you start assembly. Follow all instructions. Be sure to educate all children who use this playground and all adult supervisors about the rules for safe use that are contained in this manual. Keep this Owner's Manual for future reference and to remind you of how to safely use and maintain this equipment. RAINBOW RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES AND MODIFICATIONS TO THIS PRODUCT. COPYRIGHT 2011 RAINBOW PLAY SYSTEMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

rainbow playset assembly instructions

1. Read through product specs, features and assembly instructions, thoroughly and carefully, paying attention to any notices about the type of lumber needed for the product and the list of items included with the product. When you receive the product, lay out the pieces and compare them to the list of parts. This will save you from starting the project and then having to pause after realizing that you need a different type of lumber (for example, Eastern Jungle Gym swing sets are designed to fit kiln-dried wood) or are missing an important component (perhaps you would like to purchase stakes because the children using the set are a bit older), either because it was not part of the purchase or maybe because it was omitted in error.




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