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The rainforest is a very hot and humid place to travel or live.The humidity is very difficult to become accustomed too. Travelers fromcooler climates have difficulty in walking through the jungle with theconstant heat, humidity and rain. Humidity can be measured with a slingpsychrometer. This is a wet bulb, dry bulb thermometer. Psychrometers canbe constructed or purchased. In that they are very inexpensive, it iseasier for the classroom teacher to purchase a class set for student use.(Personal experience, Travel to the Peruvian Rainforest, three visits byDwight Sieggreen, Science Teacher, Northville Public Schools) The hot humid air "hits" the moment you exit the airplane onto the tarmac. The air feels heavy with moisture and odors. (Kim Sneden, Director of Education, Detroit Zoological Society, Traveler to the Peruvian Rainforest,1994.)

The Jungle Book 1994 Download Go

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