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CPA Lead Clone Script Nulled

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Hunter and Crosshair trudge down a snow-covered slope, entering a dense snowy forest. They notice a disturbance of snow from a tree. Reaching a boulder, Crosshair spots Caleb hiding in the branches of a tree above. Hunter tells Caleb that they are there to help but Crosshair attempts to snipe the kid, leading the Padawan to think Hunter is lying. He leaps across the branches, fearing for his life. Hunter, exasperated, questions Crosshair about his actions. The clone trooper simply replies, "following orders." Hunter responds that they know nothing about Order 66 and orders him to stand down until they know more. Hunter storms off while Crosshair mumbles to himself "good soldiers follow orders."

A shock trooper quartermaster approaches and informs the group that General Grievous was defeated on Utapau and the Separatist leadership has collapsed, signifying the end of the war, much to Wrecker's surprise. Just then, another two clones pass by with a covered, body-laden stretcher, before a lightsaber falls from the hand of what is now obviously a dead Jedi, catching Hunter's attention. The shock trooper picks up the lightsaber and asks Hunter if there's a problem, who states that there isn't and orders the group to the barracks. The shock trooper tells them not to stay in too long as there is a mandatory meeting for all clones at 1500 hours.

Tarkin counters that Kamino's contracts were with the Republic, which no longer exists. Lama Su brings up the precarious state of the newly formed Empire and that clone troopers will be needed to enforce order in the galaxy. Tarkin agrees but opines that conscripted soldiers could provide this service at half the cost. Lama Su vouches for the skill and accuracy of their clone troopers over any recruited body. Tarkin responds that he will be the judge of that, before strolling out of the meeting.

Crosshair complies. Clone Force 99 finds themselves surrounded by several Onderon insurgents. Their leader orders the clones to stand down. Hunter tells his men that they will hear them out and to trust him. The squad lower their weapons and raise their hands.

In "Aftermath," Dume is separated from Billaba as he accompanies Clone Force 99 during the day in the direct aftermath of a skirmish. It is at this point that Captain Grey receives Order 66 and attacks Billaba, with Dume running back towards his Jedi Master. After being told to run, Dume escapes into the forest and is followed by Clone Force 99 squad leader Clone Sergeant Hunter and CT-9904 "Crosshair." Crosshair attacks Dume, while Hunter tries to stop the attacks and helps Dume. Dume eventually escapes over a small canyon and moves further into the forest.[3] In Kanan, Dume is shown to use his Jedi cloak to conceal his identity and evade clone forces, however, he loses his cloak in "Aftermath" during his confrontation with Clone Force 99.[7] Another change is the color of Depa Billaba's lightsaber, which goes from green in the comic[6] to blue in the episode.[3]

The Hyper-Chicken Lawyer (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a large blue/green rooster-like chicken with southern mannerisms and a pince-nez perched on his beak. He is an alien originally from what he describes as a "backwoods asteroid." The show never reveals the Hyper-Chicken Lawyer's name (or the non-existence thereof); in "Brannigan Begin Again", it is revealed that the Hyper-Chicken Lawyer's species is "hyper-chicken". In the commentary of "A Tale of Two Santas", David X. Cohen explains that the script simply used the designation "hyper-chicken" to refer to the character. He is a lawyer who has appeared both as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor. He is a terrible lawyer but despite his incompetence he sometimes manages to win his cases, and if he doesn't he usually tells his clients to plead insanity. The Hyper-Chicken Lawyer is a parodic cross between "folksy" country lawyers such as Ben Matlock and Atticus Finch with Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn. In a deleted scene from Into the Wild Green Yonder, he is named Matcluck.




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