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How to Download and Use Volvo Sans Pro Font

How to Download and Use Volvo Sans Pro Font

Volvo Sans Pro is a custom typeface designed by Berthold for Volvo Cars. It is part of a family of fonts that includes Volvo Novum, Volvo Antikva, and Volvo Broad. Volvo Sans Pro is a legible, functional, and versatile font that can be used for headings, subheadings, introductions, body copy, and captions. It has 10 fonts, with five options for italics.

volvo sans pro font download

If you want to download and use Volvo Sans Pro font for your personal or commercial projects, you will need to get a license from Volvo Cars. Volvo Sans Pro is not a free font and it is not available for public download. You can only access it through the Volvo Cars Design Portal[^1^], which is a platform for designers and developers who work with Volvo Cars.

To access the Volvo Cars Design Portal, you will need to register with your email address and create a password. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions of use, which include respecting the intellectual property rights of Volvo Cars and Berthold. Once you are registered, you can log in to the portal and navigate to the Type section. There you will find the Typefaces page[^1^], where you can download Volvo Sans Pro font as well as other fonts from the Volvo type family.

To use Volvo Sans Pro font in your projects, you will need to install it on your computer or device. You can also embed it in your web pages using @font-face or other methods. However, you should always follow the guidelines and best practices for typography provided by Volvo Cars Design Portal[^1^]. For example, you should not use Volvo Sans Pro for long headings or body copy, or mix it with other fonts that are not from the Volvo type family.

Volvo Sans Pro font is a beautiful and elegant typeface that reflects the values and identity of Volvo Cars. It is a great choice for creating professional and consistent designs across platforms. However, it is not a free font and it requires a license from Volvo Cars to download and use it. If you are interested in using Volvo Sans Pro font for your projects, you should visit the Volvo Cars Design Portal[^1^] and register for an account.

Volvo Sans Pro font is part of a larger design system that Volvo Cars has developed to communicate its brand vision and values. According to the Volvo Cars Design Portal, the design system is based on four principles: human-centric, Scandinavian, progressive, and premium. These principles guide the choices of colors, shapes, icons, images, and typography that Volvo Cars uses in its products and services.

Typography is a vital component of the design system, as it ensures legibility and brand recognition when people interact with Volvo Cars across platforms. Volvo Sans Pro font is the default typeface for most texts, as it conveys a sense of clarity, simplicity, and functionality. It also has enough weights and styles for useful variation and contrast. Volvo Sans Pro font works well with other fonts from the Volvo type family, such as Volvo Antikva and Volvo Broad.

Volvo Antikva font is an editorial typeface that is used for captions and quotes. It has a more classic and elegant look than Volvo Sans Pro font, and it adds a touch of personality and warmth to the texts. Volvo Antikva font should be used sparingly and only for specific purposes, such as giving a voice to people or stories. Volvo Broad font is a strong signature of the brand. It is an iconic typeface that provides impact and recognition. Volvo Broad font should be used only for short statements or carefully selected messages, and never for body copy or detailed information. 29c81ba772



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