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Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson

Jesus Gonna Be Here

A gruesome attack led by a band of H-Vamps throws Bon Temps into chaos and prompts a wave of spiteful finger pointing at Sookie as the catalyst. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to make up for her past mistakes; Bill has an unlikely ally in a showdown with the vigilantes; and Pam seeks information about Eric's whereabouts in Morocco.

Jesus Gonna Be Here

Beginning where season 6 ended, this episode starts off in the middle of the Hepatitis V vampire attack at the human-vampire mixer at Bellefleur's. One Hepatitis V vampire charges Sookie who quickly turns and fends him off with her light. Bill is shown able to easily defend himself taking on multiple Hepatitis V vampires, while Alcide, in wolf form, kills one asking Sookie what she is. Jason tries to help Jane, who is abducted and is taken away along with Arlene, Holly, Kevin, and Nicole to an unknown location. Jason is then attacked by a Hepatitis V vampire and saved by Violet, who kills them by putting a stake through their back. Tara is hiding with Lettie Mae trying to get her to leave until they are found by a Hep-V vampire, and Tara heroically charges at him to protect her mother. Nicole is then shown being abducted calling out for Sam's help. Sam quickly shifts into a dog in hopes of rescuing her, who is then proceeded by Alcide for backup. Sookie is seen pinned up against a wall struggling to fight off the Hepatitis V vampire, when suddenly a loud whistle sounds calling all the Hepatitis V vampires away from the scene immediately. Sookie and Bill are then shown in the aftermath of the attack as everyone around them is crying and scared from what just occurred. Jason comes to tell Sookie that the Hepatitis V vampires have Holly and Jane, but Sookie is silent as her, Jason, and Lafayette find Lettie Mae crying and covered in blood. Lettie Mae says the Hepatitis V vampires killed Tara, although Tara's death is never shown on screen. Sookie then starts to cry after hearing that Tara is dead.

Jessica calls James to check in with him and make sure he's okay. She tells him she is at the Bellefleur's house protecting Adilyn which concerns James because he knows she hasn't eaten. Jessica says she will be fine and denies it by saying she's not hungry, then hangs up the phone. Vince then calls out Sam for being a shifter telling him that he saw him shift into a dog. Sam says if he were to tell everyone it would make Vince look crazy avoiding his accusation. Vince, still distraught by what he saw, calls him a, "Mother fucking dog," so Sam promises to tell him everything once the situation has diffused and warns him to keep it a secret for now so they don't throw everyone another curve ball and only add to their panic. Bill and Sam then address the crowd telling them they aren't safe at Bellefleur's and to go home with their assigned vampire to ensure both of their safety. The humans are to let their vampire feed in exchange for their protection. Sam announces there will be a town meeting the following day at Reverend Daniels' church to figure out a way to help those who have been bit. Bill then notices James doesn't have a human, so he pairs him up with Lafayette. A vampire then asks Sam if he can offer him protection, who at first Sam refuses, but is then talked into because the vampire tells him that he is the mayor and needs to stick to his plan.

We then see Pam in Marrakesh, Morocco, involved in a game of vampire Russian roulette to get information about Eric's whereabouts. People are placing bets and Pam is asked to go first, holding the gun loaded with wooden bullets up to her chest. She shoots, but luckily there was no bullet. Nizar then says he has survived 27 times with no bullet, then shoots himself in the chest with no bullet making it 28 times. He claims his God "Allah" loves him which is why he is kept alive, and asks Pam if her God loves her. She says, "No, my God fucking hates me", and shoots herself again, still with no bullet. Nizar tells her that she needs to make peace with her God because the world is ending, but she tells him she doesn't care for any god because everyone she loves leaves and everything she touches dies. Nizar tells Pam that "Allah" can save her, but Pam states she could care less about the gods and says she will be in hell having a three-way with the devil. He says he can see the love and pain in her eyes which upsets her and she says to Nizar, "You're Dead". He then replies by saying, "No, I'm Alive," while shooting himself in the chest, but this time he explodes into a pile of blood. Pam then walks away and asks a man where Eric is and he gives her the name of the person she needs to see.

Jason is driving with Violet and he asks her how many people she has seen die. She replies that she has lost count, then proceeds to talk about Tara and how they grew up together. They then pull up to Old Reeve's place and Violet says that someone has been here already. They then find Vince and his vigilantes taking matters into their own hands regarding the Hepatitis V vampires. Jason says what they are doing is irrational and is a shortcut straight to a war between humans and vampires. Violet then intervenes and threatens them if they don't leave, so they reluctantly leave the scene. Jason, unhappy with the way Violet handled the situation, walks away.

James escorts Lafayette to his place and Lafayette invites him in. They smoke weed together and Lafayette admits feeling relieved Tara is dead despite how fucked up it sounds. He says he already grieved the first time she died and now that she's died "again", now he doesn't feel anything. James tells Lafayette all of his friends died in Vietnam, but he states he was a draft-dodger and a pacifist who didn't believe in violence in any form. James then tells the story of when he was home for Christmas, he saw one of the officers go to his best friend Danny's house, who lived across the street. James hints to Lafayette that him and Danny were lovers. When Danny was pronounced dead, James went to pay his respect to his family and Danny's dad beat him with a bat in the middle of the street calling him a faggot and leaving him there to die. He was then found by a vampire in town who turned James into a vampire that night. So now James says he doesn't see the point in feeling pain, grief, fear, or regret because it makes no difference to the universe. Lafayette then lets James feed from him.

Jessica is shown trying to protect Adilyn against the incoming Hepatitis V vampire. She threatens to kill him, but he says he is dying anyway and has nothing to lose. Adilyn then opens the window and Jessica yells at her to stay inside. Jessica convinces Adilyn to drink her blood, so Jessica will always know where she is and will always be able to protect her. Adilyn declines and Jessica says to trust her, but Adilyn says she trusted her before. Then realizing the danger she is in with the Hepatitis V vampire inching closer, she drinks Jessica's blood.

After having drunk Willa's blood to heal from the attack at the bar, Lettie Mae is acting strange and is "talking" to Tara. Reverend Daniels doesn't know what to do, and Willa tries to calm Lettie Mae down. Lettie Mae says Tara needs her and is distressed that Tara isn't saying anything back. Reverend Daniels is then able to calm down Lettie Mae until she falls asleep on the couch. He then asks Willa if Tara ever told her about Lettie Mae's issues. Willa says she is slightly aware, and Daniels thanks her for her help. Willa tells Daniels that with Eric and Pam gone she has nowhere to go and she can't return to her home that she shared with Tara since Tara just died. Daniels then sets her up in the basement of his church thanking her and telling her to get some sleep, and that she can stay as long as she like.

Pam meets up with a man in the Moroccan bar named Najat. When she hands him a note he laughs and she then gives him a large wad of cash. His wife then brings out his young daughter and he tells Pam to feed from her saying in North Africa only children have clean blood. Despite being hungry, Pam refuses the young girl and demands to know where Eric is. After being given a map with information about Eric's location, Pam tells him there must be some mistake, Eric would never. The man then goes to say his information is "accurate", what she chooses to do with it is up to her.

Andy brings Bill to a place he thinks could be a nest, the Slaughter House. They can tell the Hepatitis V vampires have been nesting there and investigate the building until they spot dead humans hanging from the ceiling, immediately causing Andy to vomit. Bill then hears shouting and he speeds out after Andy only to be held at gun point by Vince's vigilantes. Vince is furious they were told to trust the vampires because it hasn't accomplished anything, since people have been killed and friends have been abducted. As he accuses Andy for being part of it, Bill assures them Andy had nothing to do with it and the mixer was his idea as well as Sam.

Bill convinces them to let Andy go, and do what they want with him instead. Andy then asks Vince if he can have the honor of killing Bill, since they have a history Andy feels like he should get to do it. Andy is given a gun, but quickly turns it on the vigilantes and tells them to disperse. Andy then holds his gun at one of Vince's accomplices named Lou, who is holding a shotgun back at Andy. Andy then talks Lou out of pulling the trigger saying there is no coming back after crossing the line and his life will never be the same if he shoots him. Lou then lowers his gun, the vigilantes leave after one of them tells Andy that it's not over.

Bill thanks Andy for defending him against Vince and his vigilantes. Andy tells him he only did it so Bill could help him find Holly and the others. Andy then says things will never be good between the two of them and there's nothing in the world that will set right what Bill has done to him and his family. Andy then drives away and Bill has a flashback of his human family on his porch when he was departing for war. His family kisses him goodbye, and unbeknownst to him at the time, this would be the last time he would ever see them again. 041b061a72




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